No matter what field of photography, the average student is how to make basic headshots is very important. Why you may ask? Simple portraits of people are widely used in the world of business use. Our school ID, licenses and passports drivers must recognize all headshots who we are.

Light is an essential element in photography. How you handle the light when taking pictures is a skill that needs to know all photographers.

Here are three great lighting means when handling head shots. These techniques are getting a simple device and allows you to achieve excellent quality of our images.

1) high contrast lighting

For this type of lighting configuration to want to get darker shadows and light highlights. To achieve this effect, is simple. All you need is a soft box to the left or right of the person and let the light source a little close to his face. The light box provides a softer light to brighten the scene. If you want the shadow to bounce the light off as the side of the face is not in total darkness, I recommend a reflector money aside.

2) Even the light

The creation of this illumination is achieved by the use of only a beauty dish. You can try it with or without fabric diffuser on the bowl. Hold the diffuser cloth in a softer light lead to the exclusion of a more severe light. They want to get a light always project on the face of the model. To ensure that beauty dish is placed directly above and in front of the model.

3) lighting Three points

This technique requires three light sources. It may seem complicated at first, but I promise it will be as easy as the rest. It requires a main light, fill light, and a rim. These lights have different roles on. For the realization of great depth in your images The main light is angled to the left or the right of the model surface. This light source is the brightest, because it may be the main source of light. The fill light on the opposite side willing to fulfill causes some of the shadow of the main light. Fill lights are lower than the main light in this case. The light of the rim is used to illuminate the hair model and / or shoulders individually. Instead of using a light box for another view of the rim, the natural light was used from a window.

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